Enjoy a zero waste home & eco friendly life with Unpackaged Eco.

We started Unpackaged Eco because we saw that plastic waste was destroying our health and our planet, and going plastic-free wasn’t easy. So we came up with a simple way to shop and refill everyday household items like our eco friendly, non-toxic household cleaning products, without plastic packaging. Join our refill revolution today and let’s turn the tide on plastic waste forever.


Your first bottle of eco cleaning product comes in a stylish glass or aluminium dispenser, designed for keeps.


Refill at an Unpackaged Eco station in a partner store.


Every refill is another plastic bottle saved from polluting our oceans, killing wildlife & contaminating our food & water.

Refillable Glass Bottles

Our glass bottles are unobtrusive, timeless and simple. We never wanted to dominate the benchtop with loud packaging as we believe the heroes should be your clean home, not our packaging.


Plastic-free Refills

Reusing is the ultimate form of recycling. By refilling your own bottle you are choosing to divert your waste away from landfills and oceans.


Safer for you, and the planet

Our planet-friendly cleaners kick germs and dirt at your home, and don’t leave a mess on the planet.

  • Cruelty-free
    Naturally-derived from plants
    Safe, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable
    Free from toxins, parabens and artificial dyes

where to find our cleaning refills

Shop our range of refillable, eco-friendly household cleaners at one of our partner stores.


Unpackaged Eco has an awesome online selection, I use the dish and Handwash – great product that’s good for the environment in packaging that is refillable and looks great on my bench top!

Cam Stanley / Facebook

Such an awesome concept. Great products that reduce plastic waste and provide an affordable alternative. I really hope this gets up. Looking forward to stores much closer to me.

Jared / Facebook

Great new Australian business aimed at helping people live a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle by reducing their consumption of unnecessary and wasteful packaging for everyday products.

David G / Facebook


Made possible by our amazing Aussie brand and retail partners committed to making their difference for the planet.
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