Non-toxic ingredients

We’ve unpackaged our insides to bring you cleaners that are safe, naturally-derived and biodegradable.

(Mostly) Plastic-free

We go the extra mile to ensure your products come packaged in highly renewable, highly recyclable materials like glass, paper and aluminium – not plastic sachets or bottles.

Affordable Refills

Don’t pay for fancy schmancy packaging. Our refills are affordable and are easy on the wallet. 

Kick germs and dirt at your home, without the nasty chemicals.  


  • Cruelty-free and good to bunnies
  • Naturally derived from plants
  • Food-safe ingredients (but don’t eat it please)
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Made with essential oils
  • Free from toxins, parabens and artificial dyes. 



where to find our cleaning refills

Shop our range of refillable, eco-friendly household cleaners in-store or online, whichever way suits you best.


Unpackaged Eco has an awesome online selection, I use the dish and Handwash – great product that’s good for the environment in packaging that is refillable and looks great on my bench top!

Cam Stanley / Facebook

Such an awesome concept. Great products that reduce plastic waste and provide an affordable alternative. I really hope this gets up. Looking forward to stores much closer to me.

Jared / Facebook

Great new Australian business aimed at helping people live a sustainable, zero-waste lifestyle by reducing their consumption of unnecessary and wasteful packaging for everyday products.

David G / Facebook


Made possible by our amazing Aussie brand and retail partners committed to making their difference for the planet.
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