Laundry Refill in can

Top up your laundry dispenser with this handy refill in a 375ml can.

Why a can? Well, aluminium is 100% recyclable and ‘can’ be turned back into cans infinitely! Also, did you know 75% of all aluminium ever produced gets recycled, compared to only 9% for plastic.

This safe and low-allergen laundry liquid is kind to your skin and tough on stubborn soils and stains. Our formulation uses pure Australian eucalyptus oil to naturally clean and sanitise, leaving no strong odours after the wash — only the smell of natural fabric. Our formula is highly concentrated, so just one dose of 40ml is needed per medium sized load.

$4.25 / month
$4.40 every 2 months
$4.50 every 3 months
Laundry Refill in can

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